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No more messy piles of bagged food. No more losing food in the back of the refrigerator. Just simple, easy food storage that is flexible enough to fit your family, diet, and life.


ZipNstore is a storage solution that turns seal-top storage bags into a practical means of food management.

ZipNstore is like getting a bigger refrigerator
  • Clutter-free organization for your refrigerator
  • Use space that normally goes to waste or that is normally cluttered
  • Stop digging through your unorganized refrigerator for leftovers and snacks
Installs in 2 minutes
  • No tools needed

Have snacks and lunches waiting for the kids
  • Clear view and easy access
  • Slide out extension track
Lots of extra storage
  • 14 slots for holding assorted quart and gallon storage bags
  • Holds up to 20 pounds
Works great for cabinets, pantries, and garages
  • Store food 
  • Store craft items for kids
  • Store nuts, bolts, screws


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