Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaner

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Pool Filter Comb is a powerful water sprayer with a pic-comb attached. It is designed to dig into the pleats of a pool cartridge filter and pull out the bugs, vegetation and other debris that accumulates. The flat wide spray acts like a wall to drive out the loosened debris off the pleats. It washes cartridge filters faster (in 3-5 minutes) and cleaner without using any chemicals!


  • Comb body is made of UV protected ABS plastic.
  • This Filter Comb has a 304 S.S. 30 mesh screen hose seal to avoid clogs.
  • Water pressure operating range is 35 lbs/sq. in. to 55 lbs/sq. in.


  • Attractive design for ease of use .
  • Works great on both salt and chlorine based water filter systems.
  • Designed and built for long life and use.
  • Used by pool services and homeowners.
  • Long comb teeth to dig into pool filters.

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