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The Magnetic Can Holder is designed to solve the space saving problems in your kitchen pantry cabinet. If you want to organize your pantry and use the unused areas, then the magnetic can hangers are perfect for you. The magnets will hold the cans on the top of the pantry or fridge’s tray.


  • Material: Stainless Steel + plastic + magnet
  • Surface Finishing: Lacquered


  • Round: 5.2cm 
  • Square: 6x6.2cm


  • A unique magnetic system that holds bottles on the top of your fridge ceiling to save space

  • It does essentially the same thing with canned goods inside your pantry.

  • There are two versions, one of which that works inside wooden shelf pantries, and another that works with wired shelving pantries.

  • The wooden shelf version uses a single screw to mount onto the bottom of any shelf, while the wired shelf version connects to two of the wires on the shelf to securely hang cans from the bottom of it.

  • Most pantry shelves are around 12-16 inches apart, whereas cans measure just inches tall.

  • This leaves a lot of wasted space on your shelves.

  • This gadget lets you hang your cans up on the top, while still allowing you to utilize the space below them either with more cans or just other pantry items.

  • Each one contains 4 super strong Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, works great with any steel/tin cans (not aluminum), will make things easier to find in your pantry

Package Includes:

  • 2 Magnetic Canned Food Hangers 


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