Keepsake Hand Casting Mold Kit

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Make memories last a lifetime with this hand hold casting kit.

It is a casting kit that lets you mold your hand while holding the hands of your loved ones. It is also a great alternative to tracing a baby’s hand and feet. Now, you can finally make a 3D figure of your little one’s tiny hands and feet. You can also imprint this mold while holding the hand of your husband and child. It a super unique and thoughtful product.

This DIY hand casting kit includes:

  • A plastic molding bucket
  • Step 1 mold-making material (alginate) - 70grams
  • Step 2 casting material (plaster) - 120grams
  • 1 x Sandpaper
  • 2 x Bamboo Demolding sticks
  • 4grams Silver Painting Powder
  • 4grams Gold Painting Powder
  • A full list of instructions


A hand casting kit is a collection of items that allows you to create a mold of your hand, or a loved ones’, and cast that mold. This results in the final product of a replica of that hand! Use it to make the perfect memento for a variety of special occasions and preserve those memories for life.


  • Read the instructions before use.
  • Have someone help you out if they can
  • Practice hand positioning ahead of time for better results
  • Apply water or baby oil to your hands before putting them in the mold

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