Buckwheat Pillow Sobakawa Pillow

Color: Sky blue
Size: 30x50cm 1pc
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Whether you have insomnia, sleep apnea, or just want the benefits of a good night’s rest, Our Buckwheat Natural Filled Bed Pillow with buckwheat filling will give your body the gift of relaxation and a truly good sleep.

Entirely adjustable and moldable, the Buckwheat Bed Pillow is compatible for stomach, back, and side sleepers and provides restorative body support that greatly improves sleep quality and reduces tiredness throughout the day.

Recommended by chiropractors for personalized neck and shoulder support, the buckwheat stuffing conforms to your body and distributes weight evenly to cradle the head, neck, and shoulders.

The result? Less snoring, easier, deeper breathing, and reduced soreness in the morning. This eco-friendly, hypoallergenic pillow will help you sink into your best sleep all night, every night.

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