Baby Safer Side Sleeper

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FINALLY, Get a Better Night’s Sleep Without Constantly Checking on Your Baby!

✅ Anti Roll Ergonomic Design 

✅ Extra Protection and Care

✅ Comfortable and Soft Velvet Material

✅ Must-Have for New Parents 

Designed to Make Your Baby Sleep Safe and Comfortably

Newborn babies need extra protection and care, our Safe Sleepers ergonomic design keeps your baby’s head and body positioned correctly, great for preventing leaning heads and shaping your baby’s head shape.

It is also designed to prevent babies from rolling over onto their sides.

With our side sleep positioner adjustable pillow, your baby will get a cloud-like soft, snug, and comfortable safe zone.

Why Your Baby Needs THIS

Prevents Flat Head Syndrome – The ergonomic design provides a soft yet supportive cushion to help combat this common problem.

Enhances Their Comfort – Designed to imitate the shape of a mother’s womb, this bed cradles your baby more than standard beds & cots.

It’s Doctor Recommended – Working alongside some of the best pediatric osteopaths, we’ve designed a bed that’s clinically proven to help your baby relax

Enhances Your Baby’s Growth – Encourage independence from their mother’s arms, and reduce high-stress levels with a safe cradle design, this pillow will make your baby’s first few months more enjoyable.

A doctor’s Testimonial…

“I’ve recommended SaferSleeper to several clients. The unique design safely supports your infant to sleep comfortably, eliminating the worries that come with newborn babies napping. I’ve even taken to using one in the clinic as it keeps babies comfortable during their osteopathic sessions.”


The Safer Sleeper has a smart design with 45° angle positioning

Provides maximum protection for your baby’s head and neck


Our Pediatrician-designed sleep-inducing pillow has an adjustable width which means you can achieve a super snug fit on any crib or bed mattress.

This helps the baby develop the proper head shape and prevents the risk of the flat-head syndrome.


To help with the baby’s digestive discomfort, an adjustable 45° and 90° positioning cushion provide stable support for the movement of the baby’s arms and legs.

The width of the Safer Sleeper side sleep positioner can be adjusted!

Convenient to use – adjust the width as your baby grows in height and weight

Feels like sleeping on Clouds

Made of soft, breathable & comfortable material

Super Soft, Skin Friendly and Warm

Soothes babies against noise & movement that startle them

Hidden Zipper Technology to ensure an uninterrupted sleep

Easy to clean – the cover is removable and washable

Ideal Gift For Kids!

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