Faux Privacy Fence - Fake Ivy with Vines

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The Expandable Faux Privacy Fence is an excellent option for your balcony, accent wall, patio, and more!

The faux leaves give the fence a very nice touchy of class & greenery.

You can hang your plants from the fence or any decor that you want!


    • Made from gorgeous willow wood and faux ivy leaves. This fence looks stylish and pretty wherever it is placed
    • The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with tie or wire. Can be hung from a wall, other fences, or even placed in the garden as an accent piece
    • Perfect decoration for the home, office, shopping malls, and more!
    • The material won't fade! The leaves are made of 100% non-recycled polyethylene materials and finished with commercial standard UV stabilization



        • The stretchable fence has an unstretched height of 40cm;
        • When the width is 1m, the height is about 37cm
        • When the width is1.5m, the height is about 35cm
        • When the width is 2m, the height is about 30cm

        Package Includes:

        • Expandable Faux Privacy Fence

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